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Employee Unearths Overwork Custom at NIO

A female employee at NIO has disclosed that the Chinese electric car manufacturer’s replace volume has severely increased within the last six months, ensuing in severe time previous law scenarios. The employee, whose surname is Chen, offered a doc indicating that she had worked nearly 500 hours of time previous law. Chen outlined that her position concerned managing product operations and facing a huge selection of tasks typically.

Before, she had acute gastroenteritis. In her most up-to-the-minute physical examination, 21 abnormalities had been learned collectively with hypertension, high blood lipids, and odd liver operate. She experienced fever multiple times correct thru time previous law work but handiest went to the emergency room when she vomited and had diarrhea. This has took location thrice already. She reported her subject to the firm over and over in hopes of lowering her workload or adjusting her situation but did no longer receive effective alternate choices.

The conversation recording that she provided to the human sources division of NIO means that the firm would now not promote time previous law work and it’s elective for workers. On the opposite hand, in obvious scenarios where customer requires can maintain to be met, extra effort would be crucial. Following negotiations, the division offered her a total compensation of 120,000 yuan ($17,407) if she agreed to resign and chorus from disclosing any extra recordsdata publicly.

Chen expressed her difference with the cases and clarified that her scheme became once to comprehend awareness about NIO‘s treatment of its workers. She hoped that this may blueprint attention from each society and the authorities for added supervision.

In China, the apt workweek is 40 hours or eight hours per day. Employers can lengthen workers’ work hours by one hour per day if agreed upon by the linked replace union. On the opposite hand, in accordance to Chinese labor law, employers can’t exceed three extra working hours per day or 36 extra working hours in a month.

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Netizens expressed their views on social media, questioning the firm’s practices. They raised concerns about the unhealthy affect of overworking workers on their health and productivity. Some pointed out that while the firm claims to discourage time previous law work, it aloof expects one person to tackle multiple tasks. Others criticized companies with monetary sources for brushing aside employee rights and dignity in an strive to motivate faraway from accountability for illegal behavior.

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